WebRTC click-to-call service allows visitors of your web site to call you free from anywhere in the world on your mobile or any device: landline phone, mobile, and tablet or desktop computer. This new technology, WebRTC-based on the Google chrome platform, is easy to insert HTML code on your Web site, and your visitors don't need to install any plugin nor download any additional software nor using their telephone to call your company services. No 0800 needed.

With Click to call button service, visitors of your web site will call you free of charge and to be much more informed about your products, they will be able to complete purchases and make reservations of your services or products.

Visitors can receive support from your site, and also, if you have a need for it, embedding the necessary number of buttons dedicated to particular operators, sectors, or branch of your company`s location, you will be able to communicate freely and privately with each other.

SIPEX10 Router: Automated Signals and Responses are happening in real-time communication. Services can also be used for video conferencing, multiple channels and unlimited locations for seminars in privately secured server lines.

No plugin installation like it is needed in Webinar, you can now talk, send data, text messages or simply communicate in live video session with text chat, it is your choice.

Today, Webcall Click-to-Call WebRTC-based goes beyond the Standard Public Telephony.

Click to talk, chat, share and meet together from a website Browser to browser from anywhere, anytime, anyone to any device. All FREE of charge.

No Plug-ins, No installation,
No entering phone number,
No Download, No 0800 dial,
No calling back. Just 1 Click

WebRTC real-time Communication revolution…